Next Day Pets

In 2003, Next Day Pets, LLC was founded on the belief that there is nothing in the world like the boundless love of a pet. Each member of their staff has been personally affected by a dog or cat, the memory of whom will warm our hearts forever. They feel that everyone should have, and would benefit from this experience. They also feel that finding what you need to care for and pamper your precious pet should be convenient, fun, and informational.

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Snooty Pets

January 16th 1999 Snooty Pets opened its doors as one of the first classy pet boutiques & grooming salons. Evolving into a lifestyle for pets that encompass fashion, health, hygiene, safety, fun and excitement has been our passion. Snooty Pets has always stood for providing professional and quality grooming services and a fresh selection of unique and quality pet products.

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Emery Cat

Clippers cut too close to the quick, causing pain!
Ordinary scratching posts can cost as much as
$100 and they won’t trim your cat’s claws
• Your cat can give itself a pedicure!
• Strong enough to support even larger cats
• Your cat safely files its own claws each and every time
  they play on it
• Emery Cat™ Board's special arch design is perfect for
  stretching and scratching
The secret is the Emery Cat™ Board’s patented
honeycomb surface that works like a nail file,
gently filing away sharpness. Infused with
irresistible catnip, kitty keeps coming back for more

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Buy Dog Pedic

Dog pedic is designed for ultimate comfort and support for your dog

Combination of memory and
supporting foam that conforms
to your dog's body, and support
your dog's overall weight.

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My Pet Biz

There are many different kinds of pet businesses, such as Pet Sitting, 

Doggie Day Care, Boarding Kennel, Grooming, Dog Bakeries and much more, and there has never been a better time to join the Pet Care Industry than right now! Pet popularity is at an all-time high, whether it's a boxer, labrador retriever, chihuahua or parakeet, Americans spend thousands each year on dog day care, boarding, breeding, grooming, pet sitting and retail accessories.

If you've thought seriously of opening your own pet business but weren't sure if it was right for you, these DVDs will help you evaluate this exciting opportunity and provide you with the tools to start a pet care business today.

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