The Flex Belt

Jerry Rice
San Francisco 49ers All Star

“The first time that I used it I was very surprised because it was working those muscles that I had been trying to work with crunches and I got the results that I wanted.  It works those muscles, tones them, makes them stronger and it is very easy.  I can’t stand behind a product that I don’t believe in.  I recommend people give it a try and I know they are going to get the results they really want.”   

Liz McClarnon 
(Ex-Atomic Kitten)

"When you juggle a career, socializing and everything else, products that can help you get in shape without stepping out of your front door are always a bonus. I have been using the product for the past few weeks now and have to say I am impressed with the results. It's easy...I can just pop it on when I am getting ready, and tone up at the same time. It's great.”

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