Screen Guardz

At NLU Products, the manufacturer of ScreenGuardz, our goal is to ensure that your screen protection needs are not only met, but that your experience on the web is seamless and enjoyable. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the service you will receive. We appreciate your considering us and look forward to assisting you.

Are all screen protectors created equal? No, each ScreenGuardz screen protector is designed to fit, protect, and enhance the performance of your iPhone, PDA, BlackBerry, smartphone, cell phone or digital device. And unlike many screen protectors that use residue leaving adhesives, ScreenGuardz screen protectors are designed to cling by themselves, ensuring you years of trouble-free, worry-free usage.

Whether you are placing your device in your pocket, purse, attaching it to your belt in a holster, or just placing it on your desk, the screen is exposed to outside elements like keys, coins, or other objects that may come in contact with it. With a ScreenGuardz screen protector, oils and makeups are not a problem, simply wipe them off without a worry. Also, a ScreenGuardz screen protector allows you to use a pen or other pointing device on your screen without worrying about it getting scratched. While we recommend you use your stylus at all times, sometimes it is just not convenient.

Providing the widest variety of screen protectors available on the web, ScreenGuardz is a brand you can trust. If we don't have the device you are looking for, you can visit our custom cuts section. We will custom cut a screen protector for your device and ship it out within 24 hours, with no extra charge.

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