Super Hero Stuff is the home of the largest friggin' collection of superhero t-shirts, on the web (actually in the world as far as we know, though we haven't been very many places so it's hard to know for sure). We also have some superhero merchandise, action figures and other stuff and we're growing every year. As of November 2009, we just went dynamic, which means we're no longer manually adding and subtracting items off the website. What a relief.

We started in the a basement in Portland Oregon, eventually had a small warehouse/retail setting on NW 23rd street in Portland, got bought out by and now our warehouse ships sueprhero t-shirts all over the world from Robesonia, Pennsylvania. ... yeah, nobody outside of Robesonia ever heard of it either.

We pride our selves on having an extremely wide selection of superhero shirts, wider than our competitors, and we're not afraid to say it. Yeah, some are cheaper, some are more expensive, but we do our best to get you the best images on the web. Every single one of our hero shirts (well, all the ones we didn't steal off other sites) are personally photographed and cropped in photoshop with a pretty drop shadow applied to it for effect so you, the customer who has our money, will know ex-friggin-zactly what the shirt looks like in real life. We want you to know what you're getting and we're not above torturing our interns to get it right!

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